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What Our Customers Are Saying

The cost? Extremely reasonable.  The best part?  Danny's can-do, cheerful attitude.


Danny and Airon rescued me from an extremely stressful move after a bigger corporate company changed the terms of their estimate and wanted to charge me $2300 to move my stuff from the two floors of my house into my garage. They came and conquered. They fit everything from two floors into my turn-of-the century Model A sized garage. The cost? Extremely reasonable.  The best part?  Danny's can-do, cheerful attitude.

Kyme M.


If we move again, they will be my guys!!!

Moving is so stressful and these guys made it stress free! They were reliable, professional, trustworthy, and a great fun to work with! They really knew their stuff. Their Tetris packing level is definitely a 10/10!!!! I can highly recommend them to do any and all moving services. IF we move again, they will be my guys!!!! Thank you Danny, Billy, and Cyrus. You made our move so smooth and carefree!!!

Katie C.


I would recommend them to everyone!!!

Motivated Movers packed and moved our entire 6 bedroom, 4500 sq ft, 4 level home, with a super steep driveway from south Seattle to Redmond. With Danny in the lead, they made our move smooth and easy. They were wonderful, fantastic, incredible - I would recommend them to my mother! I was worried about our move out because our driveway was so steep other companies didn't want the job, but Danny figured out that two trucks, with a smaller truck to shuttle stuff down to a bigger truck then refill the smaller truck, was the way to go. I hired them to not only move us, but to pack us up to. The cost was surprisingly reasonable and definitely worth it! They packed us up on a Tuesday, on Wednesday they started moving stuff into the trucks with just a bit more packing, then on to the new house. On Thursday we finished up clearing out the old house and had everything in the new house at a reasonable time. The estimate was right on target, and a good 25% less than their competitor. Everyone was super courteous and sweet. They took wonderful care of my stuff, labeled all the boxes and got everything to the right room. They even helped me to arrange and rearrange the furniture a few times. There were NO wall dings, broken pieces or oopses. All in all, they were wonderful fabulous, fantastic. I would recommend them to everyone!!!

Sarah P. 


Honest, direct and exceptionally competent

Great attitude, professional approach and easy to work with. Arrived on time with all of the equipment necessary to complete the job. Job was done in a timely manner. I would recommend Motivated for any moving task that they represent they can do. Honest, direct and exceptionally competent. Anything from boxes to the most delicate piece of furniture is packed or handled in a manner that tells you it will be delivered and set up in the condition it was picked up in.

Michael G. 


The guys just crank

Stellar... the guys just crank. This made for a three and a half hour end to end move, one that would have taken me a 12 hour day with some buddies and a U-Haul. They were able to pack the truck very professionally with no empty space getting us done in one trip. They carry lots of blankets to protect art work, furniture, flat screen TV etc

Aiden B.


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